SA Marriage Week vind jaarliks van 1-7 September plaas in Suid-Afrika. SA Focus on the Family het die bestuur van hierdie wonderlike inisiatief by INTIEM oorgeneem en ons is opgewonde om hulle weer hierdie jaar te ondersteun.


Hierdie week is spesiaal vir alle getroudes. Dit is ‘n week om in jou huwelik te belê en die mooi van die lewe saam te geniet. Moet dit nie mis nie. Maak tyd vir kwaliteit-tyd saam.

Die eerste e-nuusbrief is sopas vrygestel. Ons plaas dit vir jou hieronder. Maak seker jy kliek op die skakels om in te skryf:

Dear Friend.  As we approach September, a special occasion awaits us: SA Marriage Week 2023! We couldn’t be more thrilled to share this year’s theme with you: Unlocking Hearts.


Marriage is a journey filled with various seasons,encompassing both joyous highs and challenging lows. However, at the very core of every successful marriage lies a vital ingredient—LOVE. By embracing effective communication and nurturing a sense of intimacy, you can ensure that love thrives throughout all the seasons of your marriage.

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Wishing you a joyous and fulfilling SA Marriage Week 2023, filled with open and heartfelt communication, and an abundance of love.

The SA Marriage Week Team

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