From the Desk of Liezel van der Merwe, Managing Editor INTIEM

At the Global Leadership Summit event, I was fascinated with one talk in particular. Craig Groeschel (one of the creators of the YouVersion app, CEO and Best-Selling Author) spoke about how Perfection is often the Enemy of Progress. With every decision we make there is a Cost Benefit Analysis to determine if the potential benefits justify the costs.

Many of us work on the assumption that better always costs more. We assume that investing more brings a better return. But over time, investing more, brings a diminishing return. The trick is to understand when is it good enough to move on and how to bend the curve.


This is the two main ideas:

  • GETMO (good enough to move on)
  • BTC (bend the curve)

An example:
When you buy a suit at R1500 you get x amount of quality. You however decide, this suit needs to last a few years and opt for the quality suit at R5000. You get high quality at a high price. But you have another option – the Armani suit at R15,000. The Armani suit however is not three times the quality of the high-end suit. And here the effect of diminishing returns starts to have an impact.

When is it good enough to move on? In this scenario the high-end suit of R5000 was good enough!

But how do we bend the curve to create a scenario of higher quality with less money/time/energy. Constraints often drive creativity. In our creativity, we found new ways to increase the quality!

An example:
When INTIEM moved from a print media only publication to a digital model we were forced to ‘burn the ships’ and ensure high creativity, more learning and a different way of doing media. We were able to increase our quality reach with a more focussed team and produced our best results to date.

In our current economy, you as a leader is challenged to completely sell out for your mission. To embrace the limitations and find new creative ways to bend the curve and to know when its GETMO time.

In the spirit of GETMO and celebrating our BTC year, we’ve decided to take part in Black Friday. I am not a fan of discounting our brand as we know what the brand is worth. However, a few of our clients haven’t experienced the new digital INTIEM as yet and we would like to give you the opportunity to do so at a lower risk.

Ultimately, we would like to do business with you in 2020.

One of the biggest trends in the 2020 Trend Report is that companies want to do business with brands that stand for something of value. That’s us. INTIEM’s vision is to help married couples build a healthy marriage so that every family is stronger. Numerous studies show that kids from stable healthy families do so much better. For prosperity in our nation, we need contentment in our communities, harmony in homes and love in marriages.

Partner with us.

Choose a Black Friday special below and let’s get started:

INTIEM Option 1: Mail & Social Media Black Friday Blast
Black Friday Editor’s Choice Mailer slot PLUS 1 x Facebook post during the week of Black Friday
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x 5 Facebook posts during
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=R17 000

INTIEM Option 3: Full Black Friday Blast
Black Friday Editor’s Choice Mailer slot and Facebook post.
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Site skins on Desktop
One article on INTIEM website that gets pinned to the homepage during the week of Black Friday.
= R13 000

  • Only during Black Friday week: 22-29 November
  • Booking deadline Friday 15 November
  • Limited stock. Only available until fully booked.

You can mail me directly to get in touch with our team

This is my GETMO moment. Looking forward to hearing from you,


PS. Bookings close Monday 25 November. Mail me with your preferred option