The INTIEM CCAD Communication course


In just 90 minutes you can learn a method that will help you talk through any problem! “Scroll” down for all the info!

The content of this online course is going to change your life! The biggest problem in any relationship is COMMUNICATION.

Quality communication leads to quality relationships!

In just 90 minutes you can learn a method that will help you talk through any problem!

The methods used in this video are the result of YEARS' research ... and it works for 9 out of 10 of ALL problems!

In this course you will discover:

1. How to improve communication.

More books are written about communication than about sex!
Quality communication leads to quality relationships!

2. How to talk about problems.

You are going to learn how to talk through any problem!
Why do we NOT HEAR each other?
Conflict is normal!
How to get unity.
The communication death trap: 5 steps
CCAD - Beware of the communication virus!

3. Feel "connected" again.

How to feel more connected.
Your background plays a big role!
Create a new culture.
Be willing to listen.
Discover the biggest threat to your marriage

4. Body language:

Your body language, personality and temperament's influence on communication.
Silence screams very loudly…
Body language is 80% and more of the message…

90 minutes stand between you and solutions that you have been looking for for years. Do not procrastinate any longer!

The course includes 4 videos and 5 "printable / editable work sheets"!

What do other couples who have already done the course say?

The INTIEM Communication course will definitely help couples and give them the skill to understand how two different people can work together on a unit. Knowing how to understand and accept your partner is going to help with the harmony in your relationship. 1 + 1 is no longer 2 but 11! It will help you understand, change and manage conflict. This is a phenomenal program and we would recommend it to any couple who wants to get the most out of their marriage. Remember the grass is not greener on the other side of the fence. It's green where you water it. And communication is the irrigation in this garden. - Niel and Candice Malan

What a wonderful, up-to-the-point refreshing Communication Course! Relevant for any relationship's communication !! So nice to know I am a flow person and my husband a focus person !! 😀 Recommend it to everyone! - Nelis and Mathilda Venter

Communication is one of the strengths of our marriage, yet one learns some bad habits over time. With humor and practical examples, the INTIEM Communication Course helped us track down the little foxes. We are excited to apply the advice in our relationship. - Kobus and Alet-Mari

We can recommend INTIEM's communication course for every married couple! (Or even if you are married). We especially liked that the videos were short and powerful; it is not lengthy and tedious, but gives enough information and the content about communication is great (many things we have not heard of before) There are many practical examples and advice that you can easily apply in your marriage such as e.g. not to talk in passing about important things, but rather to make an appointment to talk about it. We also especially liked the examples that Gustav mentioned in couples they have already met - it helps a lot if one can identify with it. The course made us realize anew how essential good communication is in our relationship and gave us practical tools to apply in our marriage. Invest in your marriage - it's definitely worth it !! - Magdi and Simeon

Wow, what a good and informative course it was. Definitely values ​​and routines that we will apply in our marriage. We really enjoyed it and were able to have good conversations around each video. It was really worth it for us and looking forward to how our newly learned tools are going to help us communicate better and healthier. - Dewald and Liandri


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