Ons almal het ‘n spesifieke temperament (wie ons regtig is) en saam met dit bring ons, ons temperament se sterkpunte in ons huwelik, maar ons temperament het ook swakpunte wat jou huwelik kan benadeel indien jy en jou maat nie mekaar se temperamente verstaan nie. Dr Arnold Mol vat ons deur die 4 hoof temperamente van die LOFS Temperament Toets en wys ons prakties hoe ons ‘n gelukkige huwelik kan hê selfs al verskil ons temperamente.

Indien jy graag wil uitvind wat JOU en jou maat se temperamente is KLIEK HIER vir die volledige LOFS Temperament TOETS wat die manier hoe jy die lewe en huwelik aanpak kan verander! Hierdie is bekend onder diegene wat al Marriage Capsule gedoen het as die “game changer”  vir elke getroude paartjie!

Die notas van Dr Arnold Mol (in Engels):

When you are married to a FOUNTAIN:
You need to “organise” them a great deal – You need to give them lots of reminders, notes etc. especially about time.
You need to give them lots of approval and encouragement – They need to hear regularly that you enjoy being with them
You need to pin them down with regard to what they are thinking – They can talk a lot without saying anything – and often try to be humorous
You need to ignore their fluctuating moods (and unkept promises) – Except them to change their minds frequently

When you are married to an OCEAN:
You need to use logical arguments when trying to influence them – They don’t relate well to people who go by their “feelings”
You need to express admiration for their accomplishments – But do it in a matter-of-fact manner
You need to ignore their “cold” and abrupt manner at times – Don’t take it personally or think that you have upset them.
You need to accept their forthright manner at face value – They will always mean what they say – no hidden agendas

When you are married to an SNOW:
You need to encourage and reassure them often – Their perfectionism (and self-doubt) is a constant burden to them.
You need to “guess” what they expect you to do for them – Don’t wait for them to ask you for help – they will do it themselves and then blame you for not helping them.
You need to accept their “pessimistic” views – They are inclined to see only the problems.
You need to accept their moods and frequent “upsets” without saying anything – They may be inclined to take their frustrations out on you – and later be extra nice to you without admitting their guilt.

When you are married to a LAKE:
You need to draw them out whenever there are differences of opinions – They will avoid conflict in any way they can.
You need to push them to make decisions – If given the option, they will leave it to others or hope the problem will go away.
You need to be patient with their procrastination and indecisiveness – It is an emotional strain for them to commit themselves to anything new.
You need to accept their lack of communication and feedback – They are inclined to think it, rather than say it.