Are you looking for a refined and qualified Afrikaans audience? After 10 years of successful publishing we have proudly already done all the hard work to bring you a quality audience.

What does our INTIEM reader look like? She is pro-active and an influencer in her community. The quality of relationships and the wellbeing of her family are important to her. She is still traditional at heart and actions purchasing decisions in her home. This is a woman you want to talk to.

What is unique to INTIEM is that 76% of our readers’ husbands also read the magazine thus both decision-makers in the household are paying attention to your brand.

Through-the-line engagement with these consumers is what we specialise in. Speak to this audience using print, online, social media and direct to consumer through our targeted events.

Launched in November 2006, we have managed to pioneer a new and unique magazine genre which is read from cover to cover translating into more dedicated time with your brand.

INTIEM is South Africa’s number 1 marital health and wellbeing magazine.

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