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  • UPSYD – the 5-Step Formula that Marketing Managers use to get more customers
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  1. UPSYD: The 5-Step Framework to Generate More Customers

This 5-step framework that will give you the most upside potential with every new campaign you launch and help you generate more customers. Once you understand this concept, you can win in any market because the framework works on any platform and in any market.

The foundation of this framework was taken from one of the classic direct response advertising books of all times called Breakthrough Advertising by Eugene Schwartz.
With the UPSYD formula you determine where your customer is.
Are they:

  • Unaware of a problem (the customer doesn’t know a problem exists)
  • Problem aware (they are aware of a problem but haven’t looked for solutions)
  • Solution aware (they are aware of a few solutions)
  • Your solution aware; or (they know about your solution)
  • Deal ready (they are ready to buy from your)

If we’re going to try to offer a solution to people about Bullet Proof Coffee, some people will be aware this product and some won’t. Some people will understand the problem Bullet Proof Coffee can solve and others won’t even know that this is part of a healthy eating solution.
If you offer people in the Unaware and Problem aware phase your Bullet Proof Coffee, they will scroll past your offer. You need to progress them from where they are to Deal ready.

Here is how:
Messages to Unaware of the Problem Audience:

  • What really works with weight loss?
  • What causes cholesterol?
  • What can cause Diabetes and how to cure it
  • How a Low-Calorie High Fat diet can add years to your life

After reading this content your audience is now aware of a problem…

Messages to Problem Aware Audience:

  • Which diet will work better for you?
  • What do effective diets have in common?
  • Breakthrough research: what an oil-based coffee with your breakfast can do for you!

After reading this content your audience is now ready for a solution….

Messages to Solution Aware Audience:

  • Did you know it takes a particular kind of coffee to be bulletproof?
  • MCT oils that will change your health – choose the right one.
  • The new coffee of choice – bulletproof your life!

After reading this content your audience is now ready for your solution….

Messages to Your Solution Audience:

  • Info about our product Bullet Proof Coffee
  • Uniqueness of Bullet Proof Coffee
  • Testimonials – Bullet Proof Coffee changed John and Sarah’s life!

After reading this content your audience is now ready for a deal….

Messages to Your Deal Ready Audience:

  • Try out our Bullet Proof Coffee today
  • Here is a special deal on Bullet Proof Coffee
  • Order Bullet Proof Coffee today and receive this bonus! Today only.

Taking your audience through the process is crucial and will help you generate more customers and more sales.
At INTIEM we help clients develop their UPSYD message through remarketing and using different touchpoints. We’ve successfully transitioned from a print to a digital based media platform and are seeing real results for clients. Our footprint is growing rapidly and our audience is highly interactive and loyal. If you want to introduce your product to our readers, let us know. We can help to create an UPSYD campaign for you.


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